Solar and Functional Glazing
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China is the world biggest PV production base in the world sharing more than 50% shipment every year. As a local RD team, we are supporting and participating to the success of SG Solar business in Asia and worldwide through the dedicated innovation on high value added products. Our key focuses are the front and back glass with valued added functions for the high efficiency solution of PV panels, special design of module to achieve the high performance and reliability and solutions for the next generation.

Functional glazing

The group was established in 2011 in SG RD center Shanghai within the Flat Glass organization to support the business growth in innovative, coated and active glazing in Asia and worldwide.

Closely connected to the global RD network, the team is developing and providing the innovative solutions and new products for the high efficiency planar lighting, privacy glazing and window glazing applied to green, environmental friendly and low energy consumption building.