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SGRS 2013 Campus Hiring

SGRS has participated in the campus hiring organised by Saint Gobain Delegation. Recruiting team of SGRS made a special viedo which shows the training, development path, activities etc. for this campus hiring. We joined all talks including Yan Shan University, Hebei Union University, Qingdao University of Technoloy and Science, East China University of Science and Technoloy, Tongji University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. The students show strong interesting in our group. Now we start to CV Screening and phone interview. The deadline of the on line application is end the Nov.

Here are some pictures we took during the campus hiring.

SGRS Attended Cologne “Chinese Talent Day” in 2012

SGRS attended the “Chinese Talent Day” job fair which was held in Cologne, Germany on May 4th and May 5th.

“Chinese Talent Day” aims at helping Top Employers to meet Chinese Students, Graduates and Young Professionals graduated from German Universities. 35 world-famous MNC attended the Chinese Talent Day and around 3,000 Chinese students/young professionals showed themselves during the 2-day job fair.

HR&EHS manager Cynthia WU and recruiting specialist Jessalyn CAO attended this job fair on behalf of SGRS intending to recruit suitable candidates for our open positions on materials/mechanical/building energy/electronics/ software etc.

On the job fair, we collected almost 80 resumes and have talked with over 40 candidates face to face. After the first round selection by HR team, 33 outstanding candidates with different technical background were recommended to the majority of our R&D teams such as PPL/Abrasives/G&P/AIO as well as technical shared service department.

All of these selected candidates are graduates/young professionals who receive education from Europe (majority from Germany and some from France/Belgium and Sweden) and well match our requirements with their education and multi-culture background. Up to now there are several candidates have passed our final interviews and some others are still under interview process.

Through this job fair, we successfully collected amount of fabulous candidates and enlarged our talent pool. We also successfully expanded influence among Chinese students who are receiving education in Europe especially in Germany. Additionally, we might add Chinese Talent Day as one of our conventional recruiting channels and build up long-standing relationship with German local Chinese students union for more efficient recruitment from Europe in the future.