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Q & A of recruitment

  What is the interview process in your company?

Step 1: Phone interview by HR

(Mainly check on general information and communication skills in both Chinese and English.)

Step 2: First round on-site interview with HR recruiting specialist and tech-

nical managers.

(Mainly check on technical competence, a technical presentation in English will be required)

Step 3: Second round on-site interview with business manager, HR&EHS

Manager and General Manager.

Step 4: Offer and physical examination

  What are the general requirements for candidates?

We are looking for talents who have strong team spirit, good communica-
tion skills, great passion to learn, positive attitude and innovative mind.


If there are more than one position that I am interested in, should I apply for all or just
one of them?

Please just apply for one and we will recommend you to all the other suitable positions according to your background. Or you can contact us directly at recruit.sgrs@saint-gobain.com

  Will I receive the final notice after on-site interviews and when?

We send final notice to every candidate who has attended our interviews. According to each position’s different requirement and other possible situation (such as: we may recommend you to other suitable positions), the lengths of notice period will be different.

  Does your company distinguish between male and female in recruiting process?

Absolutely NO. We treat every candidate equally according to Saint-Gobain Principle.