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Saint-Gobain Grains & Powders is the world's largest supplier for ceramic powder materials. In SGRS we provide R&D support for Grains & Powders sectors including Zirpro (Powders, Beads as milling media and Beads for surface treatment), Silicon Carbide, Norpro Proppants, Coating Solutions and Abrasive materials.

Zirpro Beads; Ceramic Milling Beads

Based on stabilized Zirconia and Zirconium Silicate material platforms, the group Zirpro beads is expert in Zirconia Based Beads. Our products include:
  • Zircon beads.
  • Yttria stabilized Zirconia beads.
  • Caeria stabilized beads.
Zirpro beads have a smooth surface, high density, high strength and high wear resistance. Designed for impact surface treatment, manufacture and maintenance of ferrous and non-ferrous metal part, they contribute to worker safety by keeping dust to minimum.
As one kind of high-performance grinding media, Zirpro beads have been widely applied in the areas of paint, coatings and inks, pigments, agrochemical, mineral fillers, cosmetic, ores, Li-ion materials. Here, we can help customers optimize their grinding, improve the products quality and reduce the cost by professional support.

Zirpro Beads; Surface Treatment

Zirpro beads for Surface Treatment products are made of fusion process in Le Pontet plant, France. ZirPro Fused Ceramic Beads contain Microblast / Zirblast® and Zirshot / Zirshot Y®, which adapt to air blasting and shot peening respectively.
Microblast® & Zirblast® are especially suitable for surface finishing & preparation and tool & mould cleaning. Microblast®, fine ceramic beads, are widely used in micro-finishing (air pressure dry or wet), fine engraving for automotive parts, sport goods, consumer electronics, etc. Zirblast®, standard ceramic beads, usual applications are tool cleaning, stainless steel finishing,etc.
Zirshot® & Zirshot Y advanced ceramic shotsare especially suitable for shot peening mechanical performance and peen forming & straightening.
Usual applications in aircraft, automotive & medical components are: shot peening mechanical performance and shot forming.

Zirpro Powders

Saint-Gobain ZirPro is a world leader in the manufacturing of zirconium oxide powders. Our products and respectively applications include:
 • Zirconia Chemicals (ZOC, ZBS, ZBC, AZST) for catalysis, paint-driers, antiperspirants,    tanning agents
 • Zirconia (ZrO2) Powders, monoclinic or stabilized, for electroceramics (CZ-E), polishing    (CZ), structural ceramics (CYnZ), decorative ceramics, oxygen sensors, SOFC, etc.
The manufacturing processes are chemical and fused technologies to serve the following markets.

Refractory Zirconia (RZ)

Saint-Gobain Grains & Powders also manufacture refractory zirconia. Global Manufacturer of Electro-fused zirconia macro grains, micro powders, & silica fume into markets for various refractory applications.
ZrO2 is used for its high temperature resistance, resistance to corrosion, thermal shock, chemical inertness, & mechanical toughness.

Abrasive Materials (ABM)

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Materials offers a complete range of materials in grains and micro-powders for the bonded and coated abrasives, including alumina grains and Alumina-Zirconia grains.

• Alundums:
Monocrystalline Alumina Abrasive (MA-88)produced by fusing calcined alumina from Bayer process. Performance really improved when compared with white fused alumina because of its numerous cutting edges created combining high hardness and unique micro fracture of fine crystals all around well-grown Corundum crystals. MA-88 is widely used for precision grinding, general grinding and cut-off wheels.

White Alumina (WA)is an electrofused alumina produced by low-soda Bayer Process. The resulting grains are one of the hardest on market, with really high purity, high crystallization and great self-dressing. WA is the most popular grade for micron-sized abrasives because the crushing process doesn’t concentrate impurities as happen processing other alumina grades. WA is widely used for as precise grinding in vitrified bonds, polishing, etc.

• Alumina-Zirconia Products:
Alumina-Zirconia 25% grains (AZ-25)for bonded abrasives are produced by fusing Zirconia and Alumina over 1900ºC and are considered the toughest ones on market. The grains’ structure consists on fine primary Corundum and Alumina-Zirconia eutectic crystalline structure. The main application of this AZ-25 is high duty grinding at tough condition, like snagging, steel conditioning and foundry.

Alumina-Zirconia 40% grains (AZ-40)are produced by fusing Zirconia and Alumina over 1900ºC. AZ-40 grains demonstrate spectacular cutting ability because of their inherent strength and high resistance to dulling. AZ-40 is widely used on bonded and coated abrasive.

Silicon Carbide

Our SIKA™ powders, with micrometer to sub-micrometer particle sizes, are particularly effective in various technical applications (SIKA™TECH) like kiln furniture, burner nozzles, sliding earings, process components for the Semiconductor industry, passive armor for the Security and Defense industries, seal rings and Diesel Particulate Filters for the Industrial and Automotive industries .

SIKA™ is the world's leading supplier for SiC wire saw powders. SIKA™ WS slice many types of hard or brittle materials, most predominantly Silicon, but also other materials such as Quartz, Germanium, Gallium Arsenide, Gallium Nitride, Indium Selenide, Lithium Niobate. Wire Saw powders are, as well, designed to optimize cut rate while minimizing TTV, warp, bow and subsurface damage. Slurry Wire Saws are today established as the most commonly used tool to slicewafers from ingots, for the manufacturing of solar panels and electronic components.

Chemical inertness at high temperatures, high resistance to abrasion and to thermal shock makes Silicon Carbide an attractive material for several refractory applications. SIKA™ is one of the key global suppliers of SiC refractory grains (SIKA™ REF).
Black SiC for refractory applications is available in various SiC quality grades and particle shape and size fractions regarding the different characteristics required. Typical examples are bricks and tiles for incinerators, kiln furniture, aluminum reduction cells, bricks for blast furnaces, monolithic, ceramic filters, etc.

Saint-Gobain SiC abrasive materials (SIKA™ABR) are widely used for the production of bonded abrasives such as vitrified and organic grinding wheels , cut-off wheels , abrasive bricks and sticks , coated abrasives such as grinding paper and belts , finishing and polishing applications, etc.

SIKA™ is applied as well formetallurgical applications. SIKA™ MET is used as an alloying element and in steel foundries as an inoculants or deoxidizing agent. It could replace the carbon / ferrosilicon additions in induction and cupola furnaces.

Norpro Proppants

Innovative ceramic engineering for superior performance. As the world’s energy needs increase, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Proppants are the most effective materials available on market for hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells, increasing the oil and gas production. Their spherical shape and inherent strength enable them to be used in the deepest wells. At SGRS we offer support to the following products of Saint-Gobain Proppants family:
 • BauxLite®, available in traditional particle size distributions presents excellent crush    resistance and conductivity endurance compared to other low density ceramics.
 • InterProp®,available in the full range of A.P.I. standard sizes in an intermediate strength   composition. Particularly well suited to gas wells with low to moderate permeability,    delivering excellent conductivity.
 • Sintered Bauxite, offering A.P.I. sizes in a high strength composition. Right choice for the    deepest wells - where pressure and closure stresses are enormous.

Coating Solutions

The Coating Solutions Group is part of the High-Performance Materials business unit. Saint-Gobain Grains & Powders manufacture thermal spray powder which can be used in aeronautical engines and turbines, paper and printing industry, oil pumps and chemical industry to improve thermal resistance, dielectric strength and gas erosion resistance etc. Saint-Gobain Thermal Spray Powders are manufactured using several different techniques, including agglomeration, sintering, fusion & plasma densification.