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Name:  Lucy

Position:  EHS Engineer

Here I'd like to share my story of internal transfer, for me this is such a wonderful experience!

When I join Saint-Gobain R&D center in Aug 2008, I didn't clear about what I can do and what job is suitable for me, but really attracted by HR's slogan 'Saint-Gobain is not offering you a job but a career!', so I thought although I can just be a department assistant according to my previous experience, but I believe I would find that I also can do other job very well.

Then I worked hard, do the best I can do, in the mean time trying to know more things involved. After working for nearly 3 years, I became a well-recognized assistant. But I think it's time to make a change although I still didn't finger out what's best for me, as I know the principle that 'the only thing that doesn't change in the world is the change itself'. Then I communicated my thoughts with my boss Tracy, she is so great and kind, not only gave me great support but also made many discussions with me, trying to help me fingering out what's the job I really what to do, she also help to communicate with other department managers to see if there're some opportunities for me. I was so touched, my boss is really considering my development seriously and gave me great help. Finally I got an offer from EHS Manager as I have related education background, this is a very important milestone for me, like entering into a new world, more different challenges, more knowledge and experience to learn, which make me so exciting, I have to say I like this job and keep going. Now I feel deeply again the slogan 'Saint-Gobain is not offering you a job but a career!'

Finally I'd like to express my sincere great thanks to my ex-boss Tracy, my current bosses Cynthia and Miranda for giving me this great opportunity and help!