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SGRS Abrasives

Monday 25 February 2013

As a world leader in Abrasives, Saint-Gobain Abrasives design, manufacture and market all abrasives products under its master brands: Norton, Winter and Flexovit. By bringing the most advanced grinding and cutting technical applications, we are enhancing our customers' productivity and performance in all industrial manufacturing sectors.

Corresponding to five big product families of Saint-Gobain Abrasives, the R&D team of Saint-Gobain Research (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is organized by five R&D groups respectively taking the R&D responsibility of Bonded Abrasives, Coated Abrasives, Thin Wheels, Superabrasives and Construction Products. The team was initiated from 2005, and with the sustainable development in past eight years, the team has developed dozens of new products and stimulated the growth of Abrasives business in China. Besides, we also accumulated much knowledge and experience in grain evaluation & screening, bond design & optimization Related progress received great recognition from business and customers.

As the main resource of Abrasives R&D in China and an important part of global R&D, our responsibilities include :
1. Develop innovative products to meet local customer needs, based on the market requirement and our product strategy
2. Introduce advanced products and technologies to China and service local customers.
3. Build technology platform for future innovative product development
4. Collaborate with brother R&D teams, and involve the global new product development and technology platform buildup.
5. Provide technical support to manufacturing and commercial team.

Through the close collaboration with Saint-Gobain Abrasives and internal supporting team within Saint-Gobain Research (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. we successfully developed 16 new products such as better price performance tooling grinding ‘Norton Green’, precision slot grinding wheel ‘Humming Bird’ , metal polishing narrow belt, better price performance “Xpert” grinding wheel and chopsaw, et al. The development of new products provides the continuous engine to stimulate the growth of Saint-Gobain Abrasives in China. In 2013, we will develop more creative new products and contribute the sustainable growth of customers.