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Abrasives have five research teams at SGRS, including Bonded Abrasives, Coated Abrasives, Thin Wheels, Superabrasives and Construction Products. The team was initiated in 2005. With the continuous development in past seven years, the team has accumulated much knowledge and experience in grain evaluation & screening, bond design & optimization et.al. Additionally, the new products developed strongly stimulate the growth of Abrasives business in China, which have been recognized by the business and the customers.

Our key responsibilities include :
1. Develop innovative products to meet local customer needs, based on the market requirement and our product strategy.
2. Introduce advanced products and technologies to China and service local customers.
3. Provide technical support to manufacturing and commercial team.
4. Build technology platform for future innovative product development.
5. Collaborate with brother R&D teams, and involve the global new product development and technology platform buildup.